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CNC Machining

  • Cnc Machining Plastic Transparent

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    Cnc Machining Plastic Transparent

    cnc machining plastic transparent is related to crystallinity, so controlling crystal size and crystal structure can ensure transparency. The general method principle is: 1 Control the molding temperature to reduce the crystallinity, such as increasing the processing...

  • Cnc Machining Parts Services

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    Cnc Machining Parts Services

    Description: Cnc machining parts services Material: Aluminum alloy, Stianless steel, galvanized steel,Brass, copper,carbon steel, etc Finish: Zn- Plated,Ni-plated,Passivated,Tin-plated,Sandblast and Anodize, Polish,Electro Painting,Powder coating,Chrome plated,...

  • Titanium Machining

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    Titanium Machining

    Products name: titanium machining,C​nc titanium machining,titanium fitting, titanium sleeve Application: Our products are widely used in Car, Communication Equipment, Electronic Appliances, Furniture, Gifts, Jewelry, LED, Lighting, Medical Machine, Motorcycle, Printing...

  • Cnc Machining Aluminum Parts

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    Cnc Machining Aluminum Parts

    Methode of processing cnc machining aluminum parts. The internal high pressure forming technology is a forming new technology that has only appeared in recent years and is currently a research front in the world. According to the structural characteristics of various...

  • Plastic Cnc Machining

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    Plastic Cnc Machining

    Plastic cnc machining, plastic products such as metal and wood are used to produce plastic products with very precise dimensions or small quantities. They can also be used as an auxiliary process for forming, such as sawing of extruded profiles. Because the properties of...

  • Aluminum Precision Machining

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    Aluminum Precision Machining

    Product name: ​Aluminum precision machining Material: Aluminum: 5000series(5052...)/6000series(6061…)/7000series(7075…) Steel: Carbon Steel, Middle Steel, Steel Alloy, etc. Stainless Steel: 303/304/316,etc. Copper/Brass/Bronze/Red Copper, etc. ...

  • Sheet Metal Supply Company

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    Sheet Metal Supply Company

    "If the same computer is the most important chip, hardware is the chip in the home product." Sheet metal supply company should be the core components of custom home or future home R & D, the pain caused by home products to the user is often not enough attention...

  • Perforated Sheet Metal

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    Perforated Sheet Metal

    Perforated plate is the plate obtained by punching holes in different materials. Material: stainless steel, aluminum, iron, low carbon steel, copper and so on. Process: Different metal plates are perforated on a CNC punched bed by cutting to a suitable size. Hole type: round...

  • Car Sheet Metal

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    Car Sheet Metal

    In modern life, automobiles are not only one of the most important transportation vehicles in industry, agriculture and even all walks of life, but also one of the most important activities in human daily life. In use, cars often work in extremely harsh environments, heavy...

  • Galvanized Sheet Metal

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    Galvanized Sheet Metal

    Professional customized galvanized sheet metal We are mainly specializing in galvanized sheet metal work service and processing range from welding, bending and punching for sheet and fabrication. ​ We manufacture galvanized sheet metal components for Automotive,...

  • Sheet Metal Supply

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    Sheet Metal Supply

    Sheet metal supply Material: aluminium,stainless steel,brass,iron or as per your reuqoest. Processing:Stamping machines, automatic stamping machine, punching machines, Oil Hydraulic pressing machines, bending machines, welding machines, meter...

  • Cnc Parts Supply

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    Cnc Parts Supply

    Molto precise machining are a reliable and professional manufacturer in machining and cnc parts supply with various kind of spare parts. We own many high precision equipment such as 4/5-Axis Machining Center. Till now,we have a experienced team over 5 years in machining area,...

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