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Stainless steel processing program

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Stainless steel processing program

1.Processing area: The processing area of stainless steel parts should be relatively fixed. The platform of the stainless steel processing zone shall be insulated, such as rubber mats. The fixed management and civilized production of stainless steel processing zones should be strengthened to prevent damage and pollution to stainless steel parts.

2, cutting: stainless steel parts are cut or plasma cutting, sawing and so on.

1)Shearing: When cutting, it should be separated from the feeding bracket. The falling hopper should also be covered with rubber mat to prevent scratching.

2)plasma incision: After the plasma is cut, the cutting residue should be cleaned up. When cutting in batches, the existing parts should be cleaned up in time to prevent the slag from staining the workpiece.

3)sawing and cutting: When sawing and cutting, the clamping should be protected by rubber. After sawing, the oil and residue on the workpiece should be collected.

3. mechanical processing: stainless steel parts in the car, milling and other mechanical processing should also pay attention to protection, the end of the work should clean up the surface of the workpiece oil, iron and other debris.

4. Molding and processing: In the process of coiling and bending, useful measures should be taken to prevent scratches and creases on the surface of stainless steel parts.

Stainless steel processing program

5. rivet welding: stainless steel parts in the group, should prevent forced assembly, especially to prevent flame baking school assembly. In the case of temporary or selective plasma cutting of the pair or manufacturing process, isolation measures shall be taken to prevent the slag from contaminating other stainless steel parts. After cutting, the slag on the workpiece should be cleaned up.

6. Welding: Before welding stainless steel parts, it is necessary to carefully remove oil, rust, dust and other debris. When welding, argon arc welding should be used as much as possible. When manual arc welding is used, small current and fast welding should be used to prevent swinging. Stop the arc in the non-welding area, the ground wire is in the proper position and the connection is firm to prevent arc abrasion. Anti-splash measures (such as brushing white ash) should be used for welding. After welding, use stainless steel (not carbon steel) flat shovel to thoroughly collect slag and splash.

7. Multi-layer welding: When welding in multiple layers, it is necessary to remove the interlayer slag. For multi-layer welding, the interlayer temperature should be controlled, generally not exceeding 60 °C.

8. Weld: The weld joint shall be ground. The surface of the weld shall not have defects such as slag, pores, undercut, splash, crack, unfused, incomplete penetration, etc. The weld and the base metal shall be smooth and transition, not lower than Base metal.

9. Orthopaedic: The orthopedics of stainless steel parts should be prevented from using the flame heating method, especially the same area is not allowed to be repeatedly heated. For orthopedics, use mechanical devices as much as possible, or hammer with a wooden hammer (rubber hammer) or a rubber pad to stop hammering with a hammer to prevent damage to the stainless steel. Common sense of stainless steel surface treatment 

10. Transfer: When the stainless steel parts are transferred during the processing, use transportation tools (such as trolleys, battery cars or cranes), and clean and isolate the protective measures to prevent dust, oil and rust from contaminating the stainless steel. Stop direct delays on the platform or the ground to stop bumps and scratches.

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