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CNC Metal Rapid Prototyping Has Become The Mainstream Of Skill Processing Methods

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 15, 2018

CNC metal rapid prototyping has become the mainstream of skill processing methods

In industrial processing and manufacturing, CNC and rapid prototyping have become skill processors.
The mainstream of law. But from a professional point of view, there are some between them.
different. Otherwise, in the characteristics of rapid prototyping (RP) and CNC machining
When comparing, there is a lot of discussion. The loyal supporters of RP and CNC are focusing on their favorite
Technical advantages, the understanding of these two skills is the correct choice of processing tools
The key is. In the past fifteen years, prototype imitation has made significant progress.
At the beginning, most RP skills have a significant advantage in speed, but because of precision
Problems such as degree and material function constrained the further development of skills. from
Presented from the RP in the future, the CNC has been changed in speed because of the threat of certain competitions.
Good together, can also bring well-known benefits. The same RP in accuracy, material
Material functions and appearance polishing have also been improved. Knowing these two skills is especially important for picking the right things for your homework. The following tutorials can help you pick things. Dongguan Chuangwei manufacturing skill experts guided us to start from a multi-faceted multi-viewpoint and analyze the liaison and difference between them. First of all, talking about it is material. RP processing skills are largely constrained; the study of processing raw materials has been a long process. The scale of material selection has grown and the functionality has been ensured. The materials available today are metals, plastics, ceramics and composites, and the selection of materials is still subject to some constraints. Moreover, the function of most materials does not match the functions of processing, molding, and casting of materials.

CNC Metal Rapid Prototyping

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