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Please Select Molto For Prototype Maker

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Molto is a professional prototype maker with rich experience in processing and sales of prototype. It has advanced machining equipment, a sound management system, and continuously strengthens internal management to improve the company's technical level and production management capabilities. Excellent NC engineers and prototype technicians.
Your satisfaction is the motto of our service. Your recognition is our testimony to success! It is also our goal. "Efficiency, quality, punctuality, and satisfaction" is our philosophy and purpose. At present, we have gradually developed into a professional prototype maker with a certain scale, providing our customers with a large number of excellent and cost-effective prototype models, and also obtained the support and recognition of many customers.
The factory undertakes the production of hand model of various products: NC computer boring and milling, laser rapid prototyping, vacuum multi-mold and other processes, for the customer to complete the production of the product quickly, accurately and with high quality, truly reproduce the designer's design concept, undertake the product And business are mainly in the following categories:
1. Home appliances:
Air conditioners, LCD TVs, digital cameras, heaters, vacuum cleaners, and various small appliances;
2. Transportation:
Automobile, motorcycle parts, car dashboard, lampshades and other parts;
3. Electronic communications:
Display, telephone, mobile phone, large-scale communication exchange;
4. Medical equipment:
Therapeutic apparatus, hemodiameters, monitors, appliances, etc.;
5.Tool packaging:
Lighting, workpiece batch Shouban;
6. Various types of aluminum cnc machinig parts batch processing;
7.Rapid vacuum bulk copy.

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Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd
Tel: Mobile: +8618574307389
Address: Building A, No. 6 Furong Street, 3rd Industrial Area, Xiagang Community,ChangAn Town,Dongguan,China.
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