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Rapid Prototype Manufaturing

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Rapid prototype manufaturing

Two aspects to understand the manufacturing process of rapid prototype:

(1) From the aspect of industrialization: The rapid prototype is a process of transforming from an industrial design pattern into a real sample.

(2) CAD design: In simple terms, after the product is designed, in order to verify the correctness of the design, CNC machining is the main method to make the same sample as the product.

Currently, most of the rapid prototype productions on the market are generally processed through CNC machining centers and input into the CNC machining center with the programming of 3D maps, and can also be rapidly formed by lasers. Most of the materials are mainly photosensitive resin, and the process of accumulating layer by layer under the effect of light has high precision.

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Most of the rapid prototype is now a CNC machining center. The detailed production process is as follows:

First, programming: The programmer analyzes the 3D data and compiles the programming language that controls the CNC machining center.

Second, CNC rapid prototype processing: the collated programming language into the computer control processing center, execute the program command;

Third, manual processing: sort out the processed products. The main completed contents include: proofreading data, clear flash, bonding, polishing, etc.;

Fourth, the surface treatment: to complete the effect of various surface effects, commonly used paint, silk screen, electroplating, special laser engraving, anodizing, drawing, etc.;

5. Assembling: After processing, it is the data detection of the assembly problem. It needs to be assembled before surface treatment.

Sixth, packaging: The final quality of product packaging.

Molto specializes in producing and producing household appliances, industrial design prototypes, medical instrument prototypes, digital communication prototypes, auto parts prototypes, office equipment prototypes, and model toy prototypes. The quality of the quick turn prototypes and models produced was highly praised and supported by the majority of customers.

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