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Molto Rapid Prototyping Examples

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Molto provides rapid prototyping examples. Rapid prototyping refers to the samples obtained by processing according to the guests' original artwork. In general, the production is based on 3d drawings designed by the designer.

The sample of the product is used to test whether the product's structure is reasonable. According to the meaning of the guests, samples can be made for reference by the guests.

The quality of the goods, the style and the color, the basis for the signing of the contract, the flexibility of the rapid prototyping, can be suitable for many ways. Then what is the attention rapid prototyping need pay to?

 rapid prototyping examples.jpg

Rapid prototyping needs to design corresponding 3D drawings, because the rapid prototyping examples are based on 3D drawings. If your drawing size is too different from the product, after the plate manufacturers do a better job, the accuracy will still be very different. Confidentiality is also very important when prototyping.

It's best to find a manufacturer who can independently complete the production of the rapid prototyping so that it does not need to be sent out, and the 3D drawing will not be known by more people and thus be protected.

For your intellectual property, you need to find a good rapid prototyping manufacturer to do the proofing. If you do not have the strength to find the rapid prototyping manufacturer, not only will there be problems in delivery, it is also difficult to guarantee quality. Molto can complete all the procedures of the prototype model proofing independently, with high precision and speed, and a variety of confidential mechanisms.

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