Sheet Metal Forming
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Sheet Metal Forming

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2016

Sheet metal processing for sheet metal cold working process, it has many kinds of processing methods, such as: bending, blanking, drawing, forming, welding and so on.The machining methods of uniform part thickness of sheet metal products. Sheet metal forming is mainly sheet metal bending, stretching.

(1) sheet metal bending: the main equipment used is bending machine.According to from inside to outside, from big to small principle of bending, bending special shapes first, then bending shape commonly, former process after molding to roar the process does not influence or interference.
(2) sheet metal stretch: sheet metal drawing mainly through several rushed or rushed to complete, need all kinds of stretching the punch or die.Stretch the shape should be as simple as possible, symmetry, as far as possible a stretch forming.If it is need to support multiple tensile parts in machining, surface may be produced in the process of drawing should be allowed.On the premise of guarantee the assembly requirements, should be allowed to stretch wall has a certain slope.
(3) other sheet metal forming: stiffener, embossing on plate metal parts, help to increase the structural rigidity.Shutters, usually used for various housings or help to have the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation on the chassis.Hole to hole flanging (stretching), processing thread or improve lip rigidity.

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