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What Factors Affect The Production Of Silicone Prototype ?

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2017

The rapid production of silicone prototype is one of the means of processing. silicone prototype can be divided into directly tooling and secondary molding method. Directly molding method is through the silicone rubber one-time solidification of the mold cavity structure of the system, after curing manual segmentation type, so that the upper and lower molds are solidified separately.

In practical application, we mainly use the directly tooling method, and the process of mold making is as follows:

The silicone prototype has the following characteristics:

1. Good tooling operation. After curing the soft mold is transparent or translucent, it has good tensile strength, it is easy to cut the classification.

2. Good repeatability. The silicone rubber for molding has good fluidity before curing, with vacuum degassing, it can accurately maintain the meticulous structure and decoration case of the model.

3. Good die-free. For the silicone prototype is in the direction of the reverse-slope structure, the material can be relied on the elastic deformation directly get out of the model.

4. Good model dimensional stability. Has the following characteristics: the factors that affect the characteristics of the silicone prototype are: The silicone performance of the mold, the injection of the mould and the open die structure, the use of the die core and the preset parts, the mould size and the cavity volume, etc., these factors will affect the precision and service life of the mold injection parts.

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