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SLA Rapid Prototyping And SLA Process

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2018

SLA (Stereolithogrphy Apparatus) Process The SLA process, also known as light modeling or stereolithography, was patented by Charles Hul in 1984. In 1988, the United States 3D System Company launched the commercial prototype SLA-I, which is the world's first rapid prototyping machine. SLA molding machines occupy a large share of the RP equipment market. SLA technology is based on the principle of photopolymerization of liquid photosensitive resins. The liquid material can rapidly undergo photopolymerization under the irradiation of ultraviolet light of a certain wavelength and intensity, and the molecular weight increases rapidly, and the material also changes from a liquid state to a solid state. SLA working principle: The laser light beam filled with liquid light curing resin in the liquid tank can be scanned on the liquid surface under the action of the deflecting mirror. The trajectory and the presence or absence of light are controlled by the computer, where the light spot hits, the liquid Solidify. When the forming starts, the working platform is at a certain depth below the liquid surface. The focused spot is scanned point by point according to the computer's instructions on the liquid surface, it cures point by point. When one layer scan is completed. Unirradiated areas are still liquid resin. Then, the lifting platform drives the platform down one level, and the formed layer is covered with a layer of resin. The scraper will level the more viscous resin and then scan the next layer. The new layer Adhere to the previous layer firmly, so repeated until the entire part is completed, to get a three-dimensional solid model. The SLA method is the most studied method in the field of rapid prototyping. It is also the most technologically mature method. The precision of SLA-processed parts is high, the machining accuracy can reach 0.1 mm, and the utilization rate of raw materials is nearly 100%. However, this method also has the limitations of the white body, such as the need for support, the resin shrinkage leads to a decrease in precision, and the photocuring resin has a certain degree of toxicity.

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