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Operation Points Of Small Mechanical Milling Parts

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2018

Operation points of small mechanical milling parts

1. Operators should wear tight overalls and tight cuffs; lesbians should wear protective caps; wear protective goggles for high-speed milling; wear masks when milling cast iron parts; wear gloves when operating to prevent hands from being rolled into rotation Between the tool and the workpiece.
2. Check whether the components and safety devices of the milling machine are safe and reliable before operation; check whether the safety and reliability of the electrical parts of the equipment are good.
3. When loading and unloading the workpiece, the workbench should be retracted to a safe position. When using a wrench to fasten the workpiece, the direction of the force should avoid the milling cutter to prevent the wrench from hitting the tool or fixture when it slips.
4. When installing and disassembling the milling cutter, use a special gasket to hold the cutter. Do not hold the milling cutter directly with your hand.
5. When milling irregular workpieces and holding the workpiece with vise, indexing head and special fixture, the center of gravity of the irregular workpiece and the vise, indexing head, special fixture, etc. should be placed in the middle of the worktable as much as possible to avoid The workbench is unevenly stressed and deformed.
6, in the fast or automatic feed milling, the workbench is not allowed to go to the two extremes, so as not to squeeze the screw.
7. When the machine is running, do not adjust, measure the workpiece and change the lubrication method to prevent the hand from touching the tool and hurting the finger.
8. Do not brake by hand until the milling cutter has not completely stopped.
9. Do not remove the chips by hand during milling, and do not blow with your mouth to prevent chips from damaging the skin and eyes.
10. When the motorized rapid feed is made, the handle wheel clutch should be opened to prevent the hand wheel from rotating quickly and injuring people.
11. When the workbench is reversing, the reversing handle must be stopped in the middle position, then re-directed, and no direct reversal is allowed.
12. When milling keyway shafts or cutting thin workpieces, it is strictly prohibited to cut the indexing head or work surface.
13. When milling the plane, it is necessary to use a cutter head with more than four cutter heads to select the appropriate cutting amount to prevent the machine from vibrating during milling.
14. After work, stop the workbench in the middle position and the lift platform to the lowest position.
15. For CNC vertical milling machines, pre-selection of relevant working procedures, spindle speed, tool feed, tool movement trajectory and continuous offside should be carried out according to the process requirements before work. Put the electric knob in the “alignment” position for the test run, and then confirm that there is no problem, then put the electric knob in the automatic or semi-automatic position to work.

Small Mechanical Milling Parts

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