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The Importance Of Mock-up

Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2018

The importance of mock-up:
1. Inspection design:
The mock-up is not only visible, but also touchable. He can intuitively reflect the designer's ideas and concepts in the form of physical objects, avoiding the drawbacks of "drawing it out to be good-looking and making it unsightly." Therefore, the production of mock-up is indispensable in the development of new products and the scrutiny of product appearance.
2. Inspection structure design:
Because the mock-up is configurable, it can intuitively reflect whether the structure is reasonable or not, and how easy it is to install. It is easy to find problems and solve problems in time.   
3. To avoid the risk of direct mold opening:
Since the cost of mold making is generally very high, the relatively large mold value is hundreds of thousands or even several million. If the structure is found to be unreasonable or other problems in the process of opening the mold, the loss can be imagined. The production of mock-up can avoid this loss and reduce the risk of mold opening.  
4.Greatly advance the product launch time:
Due to the advancement of mock-up production, you can use the mock-up for product promotion before the development of the mold, and even preparatory work for sales, production, and early occupation of the market design process.
 Although the production of mock-up model is an important part of the early stage of the mold-opening process, it is still heard that certain companies will directly omit the process of making the mold by omitting the process of making the model by hand in order to reduce certain expenses. But in many cases, because there is no mock-up to check the feasibility of the product, resulting in the emergence of molds of this or that type of problems, repeated repairs and changes to the model, the cost is more than this small mock-up playing board fee? Therefore, the importance of making a mock-up is that it can effectively control our production costs and take the lead in the market.


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