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Rapid Prototyping

  • Aluminum Parts Machining Prototype

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    Aluminum Parts Machining Prototype

    Aluminum parts machining prototype The surface of aluminum is prone to produce a dense and strong aluminum oxide film, which will immediately form a protective aluminum without being corroded. Therefore, aluminum can be made into many finished products in the atmosphere,...

  • 3D Printing Aluminum Parts

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    3D Printing Aluminum Parts

    Advantages of 3D printing aluminum parts: 1. Low melting point. Aluminum has a low melting point, so its 3D printing laser sintering temperature is much lower than other metal materials. 2. The density is small. Aluminum can be used to make light structures and is known as...

  • Brass Fabrication Rapid Prototype

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    Brass Fabrication Rapid Prototype

    Brass fabrication rapid prototype parts are prone to loose porous metal structures, especially during electroplating, and if carefully cleaned in each procedure, this will prevent the solution from remaining in the voids, thus not affecting Go to the next program. We all know...

  • Cnc Aluminum Machining Service

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    Cnc Aluminum Machining Service

    Our Fabrication Services in Greatest Advantages: 1.Cnc aluminum machining service 2.3D printing from low volume to high volume, small size to big size, simple shape to complex shape; 3.Precision machining services, including CNC 3&4 axis machining, CNC lathe turning,...

  • Rapid Prototype Stainless Steel

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    Rapid Prototype Stainless Steel

    Whether you need a highly accurate machined prototype for a functional test, a large prototype for a customer presentation, or a short-run of finished pats, Stick Industry has the expertise, hands-on experience, and capacity to get the job done. Following is our detailed...

  • Plastic Automotive Parts Prototype

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    Plastic Automotive Parts Prototype

    Molto has been one of a professional manufacturers in plastic automotive parts prototype services for over four years. The most highly skilled and experienced professionals in the industry are assembled at Molto to provide the best technical expertise available. Our expert...

  • High Precision Rapid Prototyping

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    High Precision Rapid Prototyping

    What is the need for attention in high precision rapid prototyping processing? If you have a high precision rapid prototyping to process, there are two possible reasons: First, you need to develop a new product, the product development is nearing completion, you need to make...

  • Mockup Templates

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    Mockup Templates

    Molto mockup templates (1) From a design and engineering perspective, more complex parts can be designed and be a real parts. (2) From the manufacturing point of view, reduce the design, processing, inspection tools (3) From the perspective of the market and users, reduce...

  • Mock Up

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    Mock Up

    A mockup is a design or device model for teaching, presentation, design evaluation, promotion, or other uses. It can be a scale model or a large model. If the mockup already has a part of the system's functionality and can test its design, it is called a prototype....

  • Rapid Prototyping Companies

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    Rapid Prototyping Companies

    Molto is one of a professional rapid prototyping companies in China. Precision Cnc parts strictly according to customer’s drawing,packing and quality request. Tolerance: Can be kept in +/-0.01mm. The most advanced CMM inspector to ensure the quality. Fluent...

  • 3d Printing Services

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    3d Printing Services

    ​We manufacture OEM high precision CNC machining parts with CNC lathe, CNC machining, CNC turning, CNC cutting, CNC milling, threading, tapping, drilling, knurling,3d printing services etc. 1:The best service 2:OEM/ODM manufacturer 3:Best quality and on-time...

  • 3d Printing Service Metal

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    3d Printing Service Metal

    We are a professional metal CNC machining manufacture and provide 3D printing service in china. We provide competitive price and good service for you. Q1,How can I get inquiry? 1) Detial drawings(CAD / PDF/ DWG/ IGS/ STEP) 2) Material 3) Quantity 4) Surface treatment 5) Any...

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Molto Precise Machining Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional rapid prototyping manufacturers and suppliers in China, mainly specialized in wholesale service. Feel free to import rapid prototyping from us here.
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